Wk1 – Photography #1 – Landscapes with a Corpse

If I were to die, I wish I could die in the water.

I have always adored the beauty of water.

It looks simple but yet complicated; It looks safe but yet dangerous.

The fact that it holds both extreme identities at the same time is interesting.

Women are just like waters, they seems weak and harmless but they can be dangerous too.

Women hold both extreme identities as the same time just like water.

Even in the word “She” there is a “He”.







After death, our death body will float in the water,

with our body moving upward, the water is sending our soul towards heaven,

which for me, it represented peace.


I hate complexity.

Therefore, if it is up to me, I would prefer to leave this extraordinary world in peace.


The process of taking these pictures were enjoyable,

I like being in the water because I feel peace in my heart.

I even stay in the water for a while more after the shot just to enjoy my moment.










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