Wk2 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

I went to Long Beach for my week 2, Plaster Casting Project.


Step 1: Dig a hole


Step 2: Make sure that the hole is big enough for ✋.


Step 3: Wet sand on top of my hand and remove it carefully to create a mod.


Step 4: Mix the plaster and water.
Step 5: Pour the mixture into the mod created.


Step 6: Cover top of the mod with sand.
Step 7: Wait for 30 minutes.


Step 8: carefully remove the sand around the ✋ and being it home!
*My tiny hand!* 😻


*After rinsing the sculpture.*
It captured the detail of my hand.

I was suprised that my ✋ comes out “perfect”.

Before starting on this project, i am awared of the possible failure for a✋ sculpture on plaster casting such as, broken fingers. Therefore, i have decided to close my finger tight while i am shaping the mod to avoid problem as such.

And i am glad that it turns out perfect. 😝😝

The only disasvantage of this project was my dirty clothes and my long black hair is all covered with sand! 😰

The hardest step of the process is to mis the plaster with water. As the ratio of both of the ingredient is extremely important. For once i thought i added too many water therefore my mixture can never dry! 😭😭 So i went ahead and repeat the whole process to create another hand. Glad that in the end of the day both of my hands came out nicely, and i am end up with 2 hands. 😂😂

Overall, this project is one of a kind! It is a unique experience for an engineering student to go outdoor and experience the nature while completing a project. I am glad that i have took ART110. 🙌🙌


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