Wk3 – Art Experience – Snapchat

Here comes to the fun outdoor activity of the class!

We visited the SOA galleries on campus.


Here is some of my snapchat “masterpieces”


This picture is called “The history of struggle”.

I can almost feel the pain while staring at this picture.

A very deep meaning is hiding behind of it’s simple set up.

I drew some blood, which represents the poor soul that bleeds inside the heart, which no one could see.

I also drew a broken heart, which represents the pain people have to endure upon those struggle moments.


Here is another 2 snapchat picture that I snapped and draw out of my unique creativity.


As I stepped in the gallery, I was surprised by the broken pieces on the floor – It was a form of art.



The 3 chairs in the gallery reminds of the beach.

I am suppose to post only 2 snapchat of my own but here i am giving more than what is asked for.


Here is another 2 snapchat post from my classmate


Here is my new friend from the classmate conversation session – Lainie Le

She took a picture of my back while I am staring at the art piece.

*So colourful*

Credits@ lainiedle



This picture is out of the box.

While everyone is taking pictures of the gallery arts, she have decided to take a picture of the student.

Credits @naturalinked


Everyone is using their creativity and try their best to think out of the box for their snapchat posts!





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