Wk3 – Artist Conversation – Andrew Fong



Artist: Andrew Fong

Exhibition: Art Education Student Association
Media: Wax.
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: http://afonggallery.weebly.com/
Instagram: afong9189

About the Artist

Mr. Fong is a student in CSULB. He is currently working towards his teaching degree in Art Education. Mr.Fong mentioned that the Art Education degree in CSULB has the combination of both theoretical and practical; Both paperwork and artwork. Mr.Fong is interested in 3D, he indicated that he likes to use material like – cardboards, wax, ceramics and so on to create his masterpiece, which this time, he uses wax.

The sculpture that he made visualized This time, for his It took him about a month to complete his wax sculpture.


Fantasy Girl, 2016

Size: 8.25cm x 7.62cm x 13.34cm (3.25in x 3 in x 5.25in)

Formal Analysis

It is a female sculpture made of wax. Mr. Fong’s sculpture portrayed a female warrior holding a sword.

The shape of the entire figure seems animated as Mr. Fong got his idea from anime and video games and thereby addressing his work as a representation of a female character in it.

The scale of the sculpture is small, Mr. Fong explained that his created a big female sculpture for his first try and realized that it looks creepy and thereby corrected it by making it smaller.

The color of the sculpture is blue, Mr. Fong added that blue is the best color, because the sculpture will be under the spotlight. Under the spotlight, we can see that the sword the female sculpture of holding is clearly thinner than the other parts of the sculpture, which makes the sculpture more realistic.

The texture of the sculpture is smooth as it is a representation of a human.

Content Analysis

Mr. Fong got his idea of this female figure from video games and anime. Just like majority of us, we love manga, anime and video games. He is into the kind of animated figure and therefore got inspired to create the female sculpture. Mr. Fong is trying his best in making his sculpture more realistic which he did an amazing job on in by using the right color tone on the figure – Blue.

My Experience

The female sculpture seems very familiar to me as I am also a fan of anime, manga and video games. There are loads of advertisements everywhere on the internet nowadays, and majority of them contain animated figures. Even though people are not interested in playing video games or watching anime, but they will definitely recognize the animated female figure as it is kind of universal now.

From my opinion, it is kind of a social issue. As technology become more advanced day by day, plastic surgery and implants are consider as “normal”. There are people who went through tons of plastic surgery just to look animated, focus on an extremely strict diet just to have a tiny waist, getting implants to make their chest and backside looks bigger and so on. Which is an unhealthy practice from my point of view. The animated figures just seems too perfect and us as human, who longs for perfection, do whatever we can despite of the consequences to achieve perfection. Which in the end of the day, it not only hurts yourself but also your beloved ones.



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