Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Lainei Le

Here comes the classmate conversation session.


I met my new friend today – Lainei Le.

She is a freshman in CSULB, major currently undeclared.

She told me that she was scared last semester since it was her first semester in college, but things have gotten better as time passes. *We all went through that moment!*


I was surprised when I found out that she is a mix from both Cambodian and Vietnamese.

Which was pretty close to me, since I am an international student from Malaysia.

*For your information: They are all located in South-East Asia.

Lainie actually knows how to speak Vietnamese! *Cool!*


Just like me, she is one of the “victim” of the CSULB commuter school system,

she live 30 minutes away from campus! *I live 25 minutes away*

Imagine the struggle and the determination it takes for us to come to campus. TvT…



I told her my age which it surprised her.

She said I look younger than my age! *Hohoho*

Her favorite food is Pho and Chipotle in America;  Mine is Korean BBQ. *Food is life!*











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