Wk4- Art Experience – Grafitti Drawing

For the grafitti assignment, i have decided to do it at gome on a piece a cardboard.



Here is the final result to my painting.
Comment: it is a MESS. 😭

I feel glad that i didn’t do it in public because i think that would be embarrassing. 😥

I have watched the tutorial video and ttried my best to make them look bubble-font.
But i guess i failed 50% of it. =X

This is my very first time spray painting and i find it hard to hold the spray can and draw at the same time, as my tiny hand couldnt hold the spray cans well thereby harder to control.


Picture of my and my painting *It is sooo hard to selfie with my name and my face! :(*

Overall i think it is a fun experience. It is always good to try new thing! 😜


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