Wk4 – Extra Credit – LA Book Fair

LA Book Fair in Little Tokyo (Downtown LA)

I went to the LA book fair on saturday and have a chance to speak to 2 people on different booths

First fact about the book fair: CROWED!!
There are sooo many people and you can hardly breath!



I speak to a lady. 🙂
She introduced 3 books for me




The first book:

This book is an award winner in 2013.
The book is full of pictures about cars and people.

She mentioned that the author of the book is taking pictures of cars and reaction.

The photographer captures the pictures of cars and the people in the car.

The book pages are all glossy just as the cover page.

His photography is 2 Dimensional and he is trying to stress on some specific feelings.



The second book:

The out cover of the book

It is an interesting book as the author himself went back in time and did a research about our origin. And there he found the caves. The drawings in the caves inspired him to make this book.

This book is basically the recreation of the cave drawings while represented in phtographs. It includes both the masculine and feminine side meanwhile it also portrayed the things in ancient times.




The third book:

This book cover is interesting and make people thinks that it is a plain notebook. But the inside is WOW
She told me that this book is interesting as the photographer is taking pictures of pigeon in different colors.
Fun fact about this book: there is one 1 female pigeon and the rest is ALL male!
It potrays how bad that the male pigeons wants the attention from the female pigeon.

The second booth that i have visited:

I was manage to talk to a japanese lady. 🙂


She introduced a book for me: Shibuya 1999

According to her, It is a book about the girls in Shibuya,Tokyo in 1999.
She sais during that time, there was a special fashion trend going on – girls are trying to dress like Californian.
They tanned their skin which changes their original skin tone from yellow to dark brown; they have also changes the way they put makeup to suit this look.

She added that the author himself lives in New York for 20 years, and when he go back to Japan, Shibuya and see this view on the street. It inspired him to create a series of photograph about it.


Fun fact: spotted 2 cosplayer in the book fair!


Le me in the Book Fair.*SPOT ME! 😛

*The one in left.


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