Wk5 – Classmate Conversation – Enrique Plascencia


Enrique Plascencia

He is currently working on his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing & Painting and this will he his last semester here in CSULB.

For his very last semester, he is still taking 4 classes (12units in total) *A full time student!*

Besides of being a full-time student here in CSULB, he also has a full time job in the movie theater – Bianchi theater in Paramount, CA. He mentioned that it is hard for me have both full time status since he need to work 5 days a week while coming to class and finish his assignments.

As a “victim” of the commuter system of CSULB, he likes close to Lakewood and he come to college by public transport. *Just like me! TvT*

Upon his graduation, he wish he could start selling T-shirts with his very own design and make money out of it. In the mean time, he also wish to learn more about Photoshop that would help him in his future T-shirt selling career.

Surprisingly enough, Mr. Plascencia is also one of the artist for the particular exhibition we are attending this week!



His art piece






He is also a friend of the artist that I have interviewed this week! 😀







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