Wk5 -Art Experience – Cuisine

Thai food – “Tom Yum Mee Hoon”(Tom Yum soup noodles 🍜) is one of my favorite food back in Malaysia!

This is different from the famous Vietnamese “Pho” we have here in California, the soup of this cuisine is RED! and it isn’t spicy!

*Picture from the internet. *

And today I will try my best to cook it!

I went to the Asian market and found this special paste- The “Tom Yum” paste for the soup!


The ingredients you need for this cuisine is:


  • Rich Stick
  • Tom Yum paste
  • Some vegetables and mushrooms


Step1 – Boil the water, and add the rice stick in the pot.


Step2- Once the rice stick became softer, add the vegetables and musrooms


Step3- Add the Tom Yum paste!

Step4-Stir it, and you are done!





*yeah! 😽❤🍴




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