Wk6 – Art Experience – Photowalk

I am one of the guide for the Photowalk session.

I planned to led my classmate down to the close to the engineering building, the walk way to Brotman Hall.

Over there, there are tons of trees and that is a great place for photography.

Many students have actually been there or even pass by everyday, but I just want my classmate to take a moment and notice the details of the campus.

Nowadays people are always walking while looking down at their smartphones, I wish they could take a moment and look up once in a while and enjoy the beauty that we already owned in nature.

Here is the photos that I have got on Thursday.








When I am taking picture of the trees, I tend to move my camera upwards about 30 to 45 degrees in order to capture more of the trees through my camera lens.

While I was walking on the walk way, I take a step further to check out the H2O fountain in CSULB, and surprisingly, I found two ducks!

Two beautiful ducks with pretty fur!





Overall, the walk was relaxing and I was able to slow my pace down in the exam week and take a moment for photography this amazing natural side of CSULB.





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