Wk10- Art Experience – Instagram

This week’s art experience is interesting!

Half of my instagram pictures are about nature.

I found out that in our class majority of the classmate are capturing selfies  and FOOD!!!

Couple of classmates are capturing the beauty of nature just like me! *Yayy!

These are my instagram post: 😀





Here is my favorite:







I noticed that we as a college student of the same school, same class for this semester, have something in common – majority of the pictures I could easily related to it. Like books in the library, the art’s gallery photos, food pictures and even selfies. Thanks to the classmate conversation every week this class have, I can now know a little bit more about my classmates and what they like. I rememeber one of the classmate that I have interviewed for the classmate conversation – Laine, she is a Vietnamese mix! And without doubt, she posted a picture of Pho. 😀






Wk10-Artist Conversation-Helen Werner Cox


Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams
Media: Ink, Charcoal, Oil Pastels, Pastel, Paper, Monoprint
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: http://www.HelenWernerCox.com
Instagram: Artist have no Instragram

About the Artist

Ms. Cox is currently a graduate student at CSULB. She is currently working on her graduate degree in Master’s of Fine Arts, in Drawing and Painting. This is her last semester here at CSULB and she will graduating at Spring 2016.

Ms. Cox was born in central New York state, was once a country girl when she was young, where her classmate will have to feed the farm animals before going to school.

Ms. Cox have was interesting in arts, and thereby with her excellent result, she got into the Boston’s University, School of Fine Arts. However, she did not continue and get her MFA right away, but instead, she got a master’s degree in educational management in Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and start her teaching career.

Ms. Cox moved here to Southern California in 1988, and start teaching a middle school at North Long Beach. After she have retired, she enrolled into the graduate art school here in CSULB.

Formal Analysis

This exhibition reminds me of my childhood, it uses a theme that majority of us are familiar with – the Marry Go Ground horses.





There are many pieces that Ms. Cox created, it comes in variety of sizes. But when we asked what is her favorite, she mentioned this painting as it captures her energy very well:


The shape of the piece, Silent Screams is almost like a perfect square.

The colors of the art pieces that Ms. Cox created are colorful.

The scale of the art pieces is huge.

The texture of the smooth, but feels rough due to the painting effects.

Content Analysis

Ms Cox is a full-of-life experiences artist, she uses her view, her life experiences, to illustrate the society.

The main theme of this exhibition is Chaos. Ms Cox mentioned that the society is just like the Marry go round, it just keep going round and round and round. We did the same mistake, and we still repeat the same exact mistake every time we move, it means that we are going back to where we were at the beginning.

Ms Cox explained that there was an artist that comes out with a different theory based on that. That artist admits that in out society, it does happen, people are basically walking in a circle, and they keep walking in that circle until the day they die. But for every mistake they make, they learned something new from it, and therefore, improvements are made, so each time when they complete one circle, they moved 1 level up, and continue another circle, forming a spiral form.

However, from Ms Cox point of view, it is not the truth. After all these years she is living and moving into different places, all she sees is people keep making the same mistake and no lesson is learned in our society. With this issue, she felt angry, fear and anxiety into her art work.

My Experience

Interviewing Ms Cox opened my eyes to a broader view of our society now. When I first walked into the exhibition, I thought that it would be a regular cute imaginative exhibition as the first time I saw was the marry go round. But when I took a step forward and checked on the title of the exhibition, I realized that I was wrong, it is called “silent screams”. When I look closely to the horses painting, I realized that they look like they are struggling, and none of them are happy.

When I saw little, I used to thinks that the horses on the marry go round must be very sad and lonely as they will need to spin at the exact same spot every day, every time until the say they “die”. Surprisingly, the thought I had somewhat matched with the theme, it is the sadness of our society, and the loneliness of our society. Ms Cox is right, everything is going round and round, again and again, as if there will never be an end. We are moving forward every single day, but sadly we are not getting anywhere, because we will go back to the exact same spot after some times. Only if we are lucky enough, we will be able to break through the endless circle and move a step upwards to obtain a spiral form in stead of a circle.



Wk10-Classmate conversation-Helen Lee


I am doing my classmate conversation with Helen Lee today!

I have met Helen Lee a while ago but I am only doing the classmate conversation today.


Helen was initially living in Korean town, Los Angeles. But her family than moved to South Pasadena and so she went to her High School. After she have graduated from High School, she decided she wanted to go to Cal State Long Beach. She then moved out of South Pasadena and rent an apartment in Long Beach by herself.

She mentioned that the biggest differences between living with parents and living alone is that she feel that by living on her own, she is able to grow internally. Although she do miss her families and also worried about them meanwhile but she thinks that this is a good time to be apart from the family as it helps her to grow and become more independent.

Her major is English Education and she is going to graduate soon at May 2016! She added that she will moved on to graduate school to get herself qualify to become an English teacher. The reason why she wish to teach in English is because she thinks that students in High School or Middle School are impressionable. There are loads of things going on with their life and something they do not know how to handle it, and therefore Helen wish to become a “resource” available for them when they run into a situation like such. Also, she thinks that English is a very good language that will enable students or anyone to express themselves.







Wk9-Artist Conversation- Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig


Artist:Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play
Media: Metals (Copper, Bronze, Silver, Brass), Enamel, Paint
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: Artist have no website
Instagram: Artist have no Instragram

About the Artist

Ms. Cabanig is an undergraduate student at CSULB. She is currently working on her undergraduate degree in Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, in Metal and Jewelry.

This is her last year, and her last semester here in CSULB.

She wasn’t sure what major she should go to during her first year in college, she first choose Creative Writing, but find out that she was more interesting in Painting and Drawing therefore, she changed her maj0r. When she was in the art major, she was able to take an introductory class about metal, and she was inspired by it and thereby decided to change her major again, to Metal. The switching major back and forth causes her to stay an extra year here in CSULB. But over all, she is glad that she finally found what she wanted to do in her life.

Formal Analysis

This is the second exhibition of jewelry / metal that I have attended, and I saw still surprised by the work from the artist.



*Not gonna lie, I was shocked when I see these in the gallery. O_O!



* Artist looks different with her special pieces on. – The power of art! *


The necklace that the artist herself wore, it the piece that cause my eyes and I like the most! 😀

The shape of the necklace is irregular. The circular shaped metal is paired with the rectangular shape metal.

The colors of the art pieces that Ms. Cabanig created are mainly plain and simply. The necklace for example, the color is the original color of the metal she used.

The scale of the necklace is big as a jewelry.

The texture of the necklace is smooth as for the metal part.

Content Analysis

Majority of the art pieces that Ms Cabanig created are made of silver, she mentioned that she like silver because it is so precious, but at the same time it is also a material where you will need to be very careful with it, as it is a lot easier to melt compare to copper. Thus, creating a art piece with silver is very challenging.

She was once into painting and mixed media but she mentioned that she kind of lost her interest before coming into college. Therefore it causes her to be switching her major back and forth in her first year.

Ms. Cabanig mentioned that her work is very experimental. She loves to experiment with different things. Since she does not have a specific theme for her work, she tend to go along with her mood and her taught at that time. She also wish to travel around after she have graduate, to gain more insight of the view around the world and thereby improving her art work.

My Experience

Creating jewelry or Art is not easy. The amount of time the artist takes and the amount of money they have spend on creating their art pieces is unbelievable. Ms. Cabanig used silver the media in majority of her art pieces, and according to the previous artist that I have interviewed, Kristi Jensen, she mentioned the rough amount that she spend on buying the silver to used it as the media, and the figure was shocking! As an engineering student, I can relate to that personally, it requires a lot of time and a lot of money in college in order to become an engineer. We as an engineering major will need 5 years to graduate and therefore, more money will be “wasted” on our tuitions. A lot of people said Art majors are very relaxing and easy, but personally I don’t think so, as the amount of effort every student put into is the same. They tried their best, experimenting on new stuffs, new techniques, some even spend the whole day in the studio. It is the same as me myself, as an engineering student.

I realized that there is no difference between Art majors and Science majors. Which is the same as out society, there are always rankings and status that kind of separates people or categories people from one another, but the truth is, No one is greater than the other.


Wk9-Classmate conversation-Hannah Mandias



Hannah Mandias is currently a freshman here in CSULB and her major is Biology.

She wish to work with animals in the future with her Biology major, she also wanted to further her study after she have gotten her undergraduate degree and focus more on treating animals.

Hannah added that when she was at her second semester in her senior year in High School, she didn’t know what to do, but soon after she have taken her AP Biology class, she realized that she wanted to do something with biology in the future and therefore she have picked Biology as her major when she enrolled in CSULB.

Hanna’s hometown is 2 hours away and hence she live in the dorm on campus. She explained that the biggest difference between loving with parents and living by her own is that she can now manage her schedule a lot better and is able to do whatever she wanted, whenever she want. Long in short, she have became more independent by living without parents.

She also like to drawing, painting, and playing Ukulele during her free time. 🙂








Jing the Minion



*This is how I look like now!

*Posting like a boss! XP

minion human

*This is an example of the failure in minion transformation! It causes some of us to remain as half human and half minions!*

It is finally the year of 2046!, and in stead of being a resident on the earth, all of the creatures are now the resident of the moonbase alpha! Each and everyone of us have undergoes certain unbelievable changes on our body, mind and soul. I was once a human back in 2016, but now, I am a Minion!

It all happens when I went to Universal Studio back in 2022, I went on a Minion ride, and unfortunately, it was not a normal ride, it was a magical ride that will turn riders into Minions! I was one of the “victim”! I was unconscious when I got shot by the magical gun, and I found myself waking up in somewhere I am not familiar with, and guess what, I woke up in the Moonbase Alpha!!

I taught I am still a human and I tried to get out of my bed but then I realized that my legs are too short to reach the floor, then only I noticed that I have already turned into a Minion! It was really shocking at first but after a while I have already gotten used to it.

There is an assembly soon after I woke up and I see everyone gathered at the Auditorium. There, the creator of this place is having a speech, explaining why we are here, and what is our task here at the moonbase alpha. It turns out that, the scientist back on earth are having some evil experiment that wanted to kill all of the human begins! In order to save our human species, the creator of moonbase alpha have turned every single one of us into another species and move us to the safest territory – The moonbase alpha. Here, we will be assigned to a entirely new identity and entirely new living environment.

I noticed that I am not the only minions here on the mmonbase alpha, I saw some other minions too. The task we need to complete everyday is based on the new species that we turned into and therefore, I am working with my fellow minions. Here, we are not the silly minions that you once saw in the movie theater or on TV. We, Minions, are one of the smartest species on the moonbase alpha, we are the pilot and we control the entire flight system at moonbase alpha!

So here is my story. Hope you enjoy.

Check out my fellow friends and workmates on the moonbase alpha! :

They were once my friends when we were still human, we all gathered and went to toe Universal Studio together, and went on different routes. Since then, I was not able to find them and I taught they were killed by the evil scientist on earth! But suprisingly, they went through the same experience as me, they were also transformed into an entirely new spice and now we meet each other again at the moonbase alpha! We are still friends although we are not the same species. 😀








Wk8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

First step is to prepare the necessary supplies.


I taped my paper onto 2 card boards, because that is all I could find. 😦 But I joined them really well so that they worked really well for this assignment! 😀






I did my automatic drawing with my friend! *She don’t want me to post her name. =X*

I did my automatic drawing in pencil, since it is the stationary that i used really frequent, i think it will be easier for me to get comfortable with it while drawing the piece.

This was an interesting experience as I have never try it before, the whole process i tried my best to keep my eyes close and turned myself into a meditation state. I did failed and laughed at the middle as it is really awkward.

I ended up finishing half of the piece with my eyes open.  *I can’t hold it anymore! >_<*

I was amazed to know that there are form of art such as automatic drawing.

I noticed that my drawing tends to evolve around the center of the paper, and there are lots of circular motions. Since my friend and I are both college student, and we are close to our midterms, I think it kinda represents our helplessness in the middle of the semester and cluelessness for our next tests since we seems to be just wandering around without a specific aim. 😦  *Story of a college student…. TvT*

Overall, we both think that it is a really fun activity!  We think we will do it again!