Wk7 – Art Experience – Group Video



This week’s art experience was more challenging in compare to last week, as it is a group work.

Since the election day is approaching, our group have decided to make a video about people’s opinion about the 2016 Election candidates, and who would they vote for.

It turns out to be a rather interesting experience and awkward at the same time, i am being a little shy in front of the camera and it is kinda embarrassing to go around campus and ask questions. We did get some rejection while we were asking them the permission of filming their answer, but i am glad that majority of them are willing to cooperate with the filming.

*We did get some amazing respondses in our video!*

The video is filmed by an iPhone camera, we put it on landscape so that it could look better when we upload it on youtube, at the same time it will also look more like a “movie” style.

There are countless mini videos that we flimed and through editing, we have sucessfully created a video that is 5 minutes and 30 seconds long. We have decided to cut the session when we ask the permission for fliming of other people on campus to make the whole video less messy.

Background music is added in order to make the whole video more “interesting”.

Lainei Le is the video editor of our group and she did a very great job!! *=DDDD

Overall, this is an extraordinary experience for me! 😀


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