Wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Nancy Tran



I met Nancy Tran today.

Nancy’s race is both Vietnamese and Chinese and she is currently working on her health care administration major, as her dream is to become a nurse.

She mentioned that the nursing program available here in Cal State Long Beach is very competitive therefore she have decided to enroll in the Health Care Administration major prior to her journey in becoming a nurse.

Nancy likes to help people since she was little. She was also really interested in the medical field at the same time, as she watches a lot of medical documentaries when she was at a very young age. *Wow O.O!!*

Due to her dedication to become a nurse, she have finally gotten an internship at Saint Mary Medical Center and today is her first day! *Cheerssss!*

Nancy admitted that it is not easy for her to get an internship as a nurse. She told me that she has to fight her way throughout the entire crazy process in order to pass.

Besides of the medical field, Nancy also enjoy baking, swimming, and watching dramas in her free time.* We have some favorite dramas in common!*

Sushi is her favorite food!




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