Wk8 – Artist Conversation – Brianna Joy


Artist:Brianna Joy

Exhibition: Merge
Media: BFK printmaking paper, Screen paint
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: Artist have no website
Instagram: bri.joy

About the Artist

MS. Joy is an undergraduate student at CSULB. She is currently working on her undergraduate degree in Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, in Printmaking.

Ms. Joy have mentioned that she was from small community, it is a place where the population was under 1,000 and there no cellphones was used.  Ms. Joy experiences culture shock when she moved here, thereby gaining more of a diverse experience as she lived in the two extremely different society. For this exhibition, she is trying to merging her past and her present together.

Formal Analysis

It is the very first time I was saw the printmaking art pieces. It was a super huge printing on a super huge paper. I was amazed by the fact that, this is what college student or everyone do every semester or everyday, printing out the documents or assignments, but I have never though that it could also be a form of art.



Ms. Joy admitted that her work is very figurative, as for this exhibition alone she have 3 out of 7 figurative art pieces.


Ms. Joy’s favorite piece is this:



She explained that she likes the line consistency and meanwhile she was amazed that she were able to make the lines so close together, which represents a sense of value when only one black ink is used.

The shape of the art pieces are rectangular.

The colors of the art pieces are black and white.

The scale of the art pieces are huge.

The texture of the sculpture is smooth. But I find it fun as when you look at it, it looks like it isn’t smooth due to the special ink design.

Content Analysis

The culture shock Ms. Joy experiences brings her the create the art pieces that represent both of her past and her present. Her idea of merging these two together is rather interesting.

She mentioned that back there in her past, everyone in the community knows each other well and it is easier to establish relationships and bonds with other people. But when she came here, she notices that people are not as open and meanwhile, they do not let their guards down easily which is one the problem she faced. But finally, she realized there is also a form of beauty in this society, – People do cherished their existing relationships and bonds a lot more.

My Experience

This was the very first time I see the huge paper printing art. Although printing is a part of our daily task, but creating an art piece out of printing is not easy. According to Ms. Joy, she must be extremely be careful while she is creating her art piece, as they cost a lot. She said, it is like $100 bucks gone if she messes up during the printing process.

Meanwhile, she is using the BFK printmaking paper, she added that she will need to buy them in huge rolls as this kind of huge paper is hard to find. The ink that she used is water based in order to be more environmental friendly.

I have understand the struggle to create an art pieces and the hard work they put in to create them. Not only that it cost them a lot but in the mean time they will also have to pay a lots of attention be really careful while creating it.

Today, I understand that printing, is not easy.



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