Wk8- Classmate conversation – Catherine Chin


I met Catherine Chin today at the Gallery while looking at the artist’s art pieces.

She is still a freshman at CSULB, and her major is Moleculer Biology, she said she was interested in Biology and knew that she will wanted to do something with Biology and therefore she decided her major right away in her first year instead of undeclared.

When I asked what does she wanted to do with her major, she said she was not so sure yet, but she wanted to move on into doing research or cosmetic science. *Cosmetic science sounds interesting! *

Other than biology, she is likes dancing and photography. Apart from that, she is also a fan of anime.

Catherine’s race is Chinese and she have never been out of the country since she was born. Her favorite food is Pho~! Because it is cheap and it taste good!

She is currently living at the on campus housing at CSULB. She mentioned that she have more freedom compare to living with her parents, and she have also became more independent since she moved out from her home, which is located at South Pasedena.

Catherine prefer living on campus as it is convenient, it is easy to go back and forth on campus and it is less of a hassle in case if you left something in your room.

Once disadvantage of living alone is that she tend to spend more. *Problem with all the girls! :(*

Overall, it was nice meeting Catherine! 😀


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