Wk8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

First step is to prepare the necessary supplies.


I taped my paper onto 2 card boards, because that is all I could find. 😦 But I joined them really well so that they worked really well for this assignment! 😀






I did my automatic drawing with my friend! *She don’t want me to post her name. =X*

I did my automatic drawing in pencil, since it is the stationary that i used really frequent, i think it will be easier for me to get comfortable with it while drawing the piece.

This was an interesting experience as I have never try it before, the whole process i tried my best to keep my eyes close and turned myself into a meditation state. I did failed and laughed at the middle as it is really awkward.

I ended up finishing half of the piece with my eyes open.  *I can’t hold it anymore! >_<*

I was amazed to know that there are form of art such as automatic drawing.

I noticed that my drawing tends to evolve around the center of the paper, and there are lots of circular motions. Since my friend and I are both college student, and we are close to our midterms, I think it kinda represents our helplessness in the middle of the semester and cluelessness for our next tests since we seems to be just wandering around without a specific aim. 😦  *Story of a college student…. TvT*

Overall, we both think that it is a really fun activity!  We think we will do it again!


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