Jing the Minion



*This is how I look like now!

*Posting like a boss! XP

minion human

*This is an example of the failure in minion transformation! It causes some of us to remain as half human and half minions!*

It is finally the year of 2046!, and in stead of being a resident on the earth, all of the creatures are now the resident of the moonbase alpha! Each and everyone of us have undergoes certain unbelievable changes on our body, mind and soul. I was once a human back in 2016, but now, I am a Minion!

It all happens when I went to Universal Studio back in 2022, I went on a Minion ride, and unfortunately, it was not a normal ride, it was a magical ride that will turn riders into Minions! I was one of the “victim”! I was unconscious when I got shot by the magical gun, and I found myself waking up in somewhere I am not familiar with, and guess what, I woke up in the Moonbase Alpha!!

I taught I am still a human and I tried to get out of my bed but then I realized that my legs are too short to reach the floor, then only I noticed that I have already turned into a Minion! It was really shocking at first but after a while I have already gotten used to it.

There is an assembly soon after I woke up and I see everyone gathered at the Auditorium. There, the creator of this place is having a speech, explaining why we are here, and what is our task here at the moonbase alpha. It turns out that, the scientist back on earth are having some evil experiment that wanted to kill all of the human begins! In order to save our human species, the creator of moonbase alpha have turned every single one of us into another species and move us to the safest territory – The moonbase alpha. Here, we will be assigned to a entirely new identity and entirely new living environment.

I noticed that I am not the only minions here on the mmonbase alpha, I saw some other minions too. The task we need to complete everyday is based on the new species that we turned into and therefore, I am working with my fellow minions. Here, we are not the silly minions that you once saw in the movie theater or on TV. We, Minions, are one of the smartest species on the moonbase alpha, we are the pilot and we control the entire flight system at moonbase alpha!

So here is my story. Hope you enjoy.

Check out my fellow friends and workmates on the moonbase alpha! :

They were once my friends when we were still human, we all gathered and went to toe Universal Studio together, and went on different routes. Since then, I was not able to find them and I taught they were killed by the evil scientist on earth! But suprisingly, they went through the same experience as me, they were also transformed into an entirely new spice and now we meet each other again at the moonbase alpha! We are still friends although we are not the same species. 😀








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