Wk9-Classmate conversation-Hannah Mandias



Hannah Mandias is currently a freshman here in CSULB and her major is Biology.

She wish to work with animals in the future with her Biology major, she also wanted to further her study after she have gotten her undergraduate degree and focus more on treating animals.

Hannah added that when she was at her second semester in her senior year in High School, she didn’t know what to do, but soon after she have taken her AP Biology class, she realized that she wanted to do something with biology in the future and therefore she have picked Biology as her major when she enrolled in CSULB.

Hanna’s hometown is 2 hours away and hence she live in the dorm on campus. She explained that the biggest difference between loving with parents and living by her own is that she can now manage her schedule a lot better and is able to do whatever she wanted, whenever she want. Long in short, she have became more independent by living without parents.

She also like to drawing, painting, and playing Ukulele during her free time. 🙂








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