Wk10-Classmate conversation-Helen Lee


I am doing my classmate conversation with Helen Lee today!

I have met Helen Lee a while ago but I am only doing the classmate conversation today.


Helen was initially living in Korean town, Los Angeles. But her family than moved to South Pasadena and so she went to her High School. After she have graduated from High School, she decided she wanted to go to Cal State Long Beach. She then moved out of South Pasadena and rent an apartment in Long Beach by herself.

She mentioned that the biggest differences between living with parents and living alone is that she feel that by living on her own, she is able to grow internally. Although she do miss her families and also worried about them meanwhile but she thinks that this is a good time to be apart from the family as it helps her to grow and become more independent.

Her major is English Education and she is going to graduate soon at May 2016! She added that she will moved on to graduate school to get herself qualify to become an English teacher. The reason why she wish to teach in English is because she thinks that students in High School or Middle School are impressionable. There are loads of things going on with their life and something they do not know how to handle it, and therefore Helen wish to become a “resource” available for them when they run into a situation like such. Also, she thinks that English is a very good language that will enable students or anyone to express themselves.







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