Wk10- Art Experience – Instagram

This week’s art experience is interesting!

Half of my instagram pictures are about nature.

I found out that in our class majority of the classmate are capturing selfies  and FOOD!!!

Couple of classmates are capturing the beauty of nature just like me! *Yayy!

These are my instagram post: 😀





Here is my favorite:







I noticed that we as a college student of the same school, same class for this semester, have something in common – majority of the pictures I could easily related to it. Like books in the library, the art’s gallery photos, food pictures and even selfies. Thanks to the classmate conversation every week this class have, I can now know a little bit more about my classmates and what they like. I rememeber one of the classmate that I have interviewed for the classmate conversation – Laine, she is a Vietnamese mix! And without doubt, she posted a picture of Pho. 😀






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