Wk11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages







This week’s art experience is extraordinary! It is challenging in a way as we are doing something completely different from other students.

  • How can we document ephemeral experiences like Turning Pages?

I personally thinks that writing a blog post after the activity, or writing a diary recording what has happened that day do help in documenting. I prefer to document it after it have happen, rather than document it while it happens.

  • Can Words & Pictures capture an experience?

Words are pictures does help us capture an experience, as like now, I am blogging, therefore I am documenting what I have done this week for the art experience in ART110 class. If I were to look back at my blog after 10 years *if this blog is still available* It would definitely help me in remembering my experiences that I might have already forgotten. It goes the same as pictures.

  • Does the style of the words or images matter? For example, a blurred photo is less precise but might capture more of the experience of motion of a dancer, musician, or other active event. A poem might be a less precise description of an event, but it might offer access to the feelings of the art.

From my point of view, it does matter. As a blurr photo is more in motion for me, therefore it represents more than a photo that only shows a clear picture. For example, the picture that i took at the bookstore from the second floor is not really a “nice” picture, but it does shows what the people are doing at the moment. It is more “realistic” than just being “pretty”.

  • Can you think of other ways to share an experience with people who weren’t there to share in it live?

Filming a video works in capturing the words that we spoke and our motion at that moment well. Therefore I think Skype works for this case.

  • Does the act of trying to document an experience take you out of the experience? For example if you’re trying to photograph something as it happens, does the camera insert an experiential distance between you and the event?

It does, at the bookstore, i notices that when i am not 100% focusing on shopping, but rather I spend like 40% of the time taking pictures, checking them, and retaking it.


I feel like I have more interaction when I am not taking picture in the library. I was able to focus more on what I am actually doing. Rather than taking photos + doing the shopping I was doing at the bookstore, I prefer to just do whatever I am doing at that moment without taking pictures.

My experience was kinda weird as it was my first time “going against the norms”.  I do feel awkward at first as I do notice that the people from the library and bookstore were like “WTF these people are doing?”. A guy from the bookstore even asked me personally what are we doing here, as the way we act are kinda “strange” for them.

The meaning of space for me is unlimited. We can do whatever we want in that particular space given. But when you are doing things that majority of the people arent doing, you are the “odds”, that is when trouble comes in. People around start to stare at you, or question what are you doing as if you are not suppose to do that. Take the library experience as an example, reading in a library sounds like a really normal thing to do, however, since majority of the people at the first floor are on the computer, thereby certain invisible “restrictions” are set. These invisible restriction made us appear weird when we were reading in the library, as we are not doing what majority of the people are doing.


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