Wk12- Art Experience – Game Design

This week art experience was kinda confusing.

I downloaded the Geocaching app ti find “treasure” on campus, but unfortunately,

after looking for more than 3 places, we still could not find anything. 😦


We were literally like 3-7 feet away from it! But still could not find it.  😥


Fire Hydrant.

We arrived there and try to look for the box, but after a while, we get to know that the treasure was gone through the reviews.



Beach Structure

I followed my group to a place where the professor placed a caches here few months ago, but we could not find anyting, although we were looking into the right place. The stuff have got stolen or gone missing. 😦




Last,Beach Pyramid

We were looking for it for so long, the hint saids it is magntic so we try to look into the polls, but the treasure is no where to be found Instead, we found baby birds!



The GPS coordinates of the cache I placed:

N 34 degrees 0’52.0416″

W 118 degrees 10’6.816″

What I have inside:

  • A coin
  • 2 pencils
  • A $1 coupon

Hint: Between 4 and 5.




This activity is fun and frustrating at the same time, as we never get to find anything. 😦 But the experiences you got from the middle of finding is great. 🙂 You discovered a lot more than others.

The experience was both hard and fun. It is really different.

It is really different, I have never taught of it will by that must still hiding around the places where we walk by every day! Next time when i am walking on the street i might think differently, just like a treasure haunter. *Who knows i might found a million dollars. Joking. HAHA But still they don’t know about the coordinate data and the mapping of where caches are, so they’re still pretty much


I remember back in High School, my friend and I always like to spend our break at the empty field which located at the back of school. Slowly I noticed that we were the only “gang” there everytime during break and this place hardly ever have people come and therefore i got curious about it. I went ahead and ask my friend around, end up found out that the place where my friend and I always go, is suppose to be a “haunted” place in our school, as years before we got in, there was a student commit suicide there. Ever since then, my friend and i decided to moved on to somewhere else during our break instead of that scary haunted empty field. =X But nonetheless, that place will still be one of the best memory I will ever have in High School with my friends. Whenever i go back to the same place, i will think f my memories more than the scary haunted story that I have heard.

The haunted story of that field was one of the story others know but i don’t

I personally thinks that the only way to map personal feelings and emotions onto the geography of a place is possible with memory (virtually) but not physically. As years passes, that specific location that you usually visit might not look the same or even not there anymore. Therefore, the one and only way to keep track or documenting our emotions and feelings will be virtually *photos, videos* or memories.








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