Wk13 – Classmate conversation – Tiffany Tran


Today I met Tiffany Tran, I have seen here in class for quite some time but i haven’t got a chance to talk to her, and today I did! 😀

She is still a Freshman but she will be moving on to her Sophomore year very soon as she is in her late Freshman year. I asked her about what are the differences that she felt between college life and High School life. She replied, college is less stressful. At first I was shocked but later on i started to understand, college have less classes you have to take and also, the schedule is more flexible. In High School, involvement is like a MUST but in college basically no one cares. In stead of a 5 days classes, we can choose to have only 2 days,3 days, or 4 days a week! Majority of us take the Fridays OFF!  :DDD

Tiffany’s major is Psychology, because she have always like to talk to people, and understanding and helping them. It have always been in her, and therefore, instead of undecided, she enrolled in the Psychology major right away in her Freshman year. For her future plan, she wish to get into graduate school, and wish to get a PHD in Psychology! *Awesome

Just like majority of us, Tiffany is a “victim” of the commuter system, she has to commute 30 minutes in total every day for her 2 way trip to school.


During her free time, Tiffany likes to hang out with friends, and watch movies. Her favorite food is PIZZAA! :DDD





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