Extra Credit – Art Experience Feedback

throughout all of the art experiences, the 3 favorite activities are:


I like photowalk as i actually wanted to be a photographer before, but i changed my mind and i don’t know why.I spend majority of my time on campus busy studying, commuting from 1 building to another but I never really have time to actually capture the beauty of the campus view, and this activity allows me to do so. 🙂

Moonbase alpha:

I like this activity as it is all out of our imagination, we do not have t consider anything realistic, we only have to use our imagination and creativity to make our story on moonbase alpha. I like writing when i was at a very young age and therefore i find this interesting. After all in college, we spend majority of our time writing reports, projects and essays. But we never have a chance to write a story based on our imagination, this activity allows me to do it.


I like this activity because of this meaning behind it, it is like a memory of the whole ART110 class in the Spring semester 2016. After this semester, whenever i look back at the #ART110s16 i will get to see majority of the post that we posted as a whole, which it kinda form as a memory for all of us, at that particular time, in that particular space, which is very special.

3 least favorite:

Art care package

The art care package activity was a little tough in terms of gathering things and mailing things. I have heard many of my classmates complaining that they never really receive anything, therefore, I think it kinda violates the actual meaning behind of the ACP project, as the person never mails it to another person.

Plaster casting

This activity was kinda fun overall but it is a little pain in the ass for the process. It is super windy at the beach the day when i went and therefore my hair is flying everywhere, when i get back in the car, my hair is FULL OF SANDS. The bucket that i used for this activity, too are no longer usable as some plaster is stucked at the bottom and we were not able to take it out. 😦

Group video activity

To a person that is a little camera shy, like me, this activity is a HUGE challenge! I feel so awkward when i am in front of the video and i have no idea what i am doing, without I myself knowing, my group’s video is already played in front of the whole class, and i feel really shy about it. But overall, it is really a great experience that i will never forget in my life. 🙂  Memories.

The feedback for the lass is interesting, i have never had a class like this before, when i enroll, i have no idea how would this class like, and now I know. I think this class is more fun and challenging compare to other classes as it breaks out from the norms. While we were suppose to stay in class, listen to lecture and take notes, this class have all of us research and discuss about artist in a group, have conversation with artist and classmates, is really extraordiary. Especially the classmate conversation, a lot of us end the semester without knowing anyone else in our class, and this helped us a lot, especially in this HUGE class.

I would say this is the BEST! Nothing can make this class batter as it is alreasy at it’s BEST! =)


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