Wk15 – Artist Conversation – Lesdy Sainz


Artist: Lesdy Sainz

Exhibition: Mixed Aesthetic
Media: Photoshop,coffee, tea, watercolor
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: http://www.littlelezdee.com/
Instagram: littlelezdee_art

About the Artist

Ms Sainz is a 5th year, senior student in the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Illustration / Animation program. This is her last semester and she will be graduating in May.

Ms Sainz have been interested in drawing and painitng at a very young age, and she love to draw cartoony stuffs, such as mermaid etc. Therefore, she have decided to enroll in the Illustration / Animation program. The first time she applied she did not get in, but after some effort, she got in the program with her second try. 🙂

Formal Analysis

This exhibition is full of great paintings and art pieces! Ms Sainz’s art pieces are really cute that it caught my eyes. 

Here are some of the pictures:




The shape of the pieces are a perfect square as they are frammed.

The colors of the art pieces that Ms.Sainz created are colorful..

The scale of the art pieces comes in variety of sizes, majority of them are small.

The texture of the art pieces are smooth, as they are all printed/ painted on the paper.

Content Analysis

Ms Sainz have always love to draw, plus the fact that she is always hanging around with art kids therefore it got her inspired. When she is a Junior in High School, she joined the Art club and became the president of the club! This pushes her to enroll in the painting and drawing major, but she realized that she do not like drawing observational stuff but rather, she loves drawing cartoony stuffs. Therefore she decided that she wanted to become a Caricature Artist!

On one of her piece, the professor asked her to be more careful and pay attention on the line work and line quality. This is what she came up with, a 15 minutes sketch. Ms Sainz mentioned that, a work done within 15 minutes might be better than the work done within 2 hours as the longer the artist focus on painting it, the higher the chance for it to go “overload”.

Also, the thing she draw defined and illustrates about her and her emotion, on one art piece, she created a drawing with coffee and tea. The drawing illustrate the passing of her beloved dog. Which seems sad and monotone. 😦

My Experience

Interviewing a Caricature Artist Ms Sainz is something that I have not done before. It is the kind of art pieces I have seen on often either on real of virtual life. When I saw her art, I was like “WOW! “.

With some explanation from ms Sainz i get to know that majority of her art pieces a first draw with her hand, and then color them with traditional watercolor, then edit them with photoshop digitally, and finally, print it.

She also mentioned that it is not cheap to create the art pieces, as sometimes the material would cost her $$$. For example, one of her colorful printing cost her $8 just to print it out, and that is consider as cheap as she size is small.

I was amazed about her art, even her name card, it looks soo cute !

I like this exhibition 😀



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