Wk15 – Classmate Conversation – Shannon McGuinness


I met Shannon McGuinness today in the Art gallery!

Shannon is a mix of both Irish and Mexican! She is currently a freshman here in CSULB, and her current major is Business Management. She have done some AP classes in High school therefore she will be graduating in 2 years! *That is fast.

The reason why she picked the Business Management major is because it is a broad major, which is suitable for her as she is still unsure of what to do in the future.

When i asked what is the difference between High School life and College life, she replied she do not feel any different. I supposed it is because she have already taken some college level classes back in High School, therefore it should feel around the same in in terms of academic difficulty.

She lived on campus housing, but at the same time she do go back home every week as it is just 15 minutes away. Comparing both living on campus and living at home, she prefer to lives at home with her family.

Things she likes to do in her free time are dancing, singing, watching Netflix and play video games.


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