Wk15 – Artist Conversation – Lesdy Sainz


Artist: Lesdy Sainz

Exhibition: Mixed Aesthetic
Media: Photoshop,coffee, tea, watercolor
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: http://www.littlelezdee.com/
Instagram: littlelezdee_art

About the Artist

Ms Sainz is a 5th year, senior student in the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Illustration / Animation program. This is her last semester and she will be graduating in May.

Ms Sainz have been interested in drawing and painitng at a very young age, and she love to draw cartoony stuffs, such as mermaid etc. Therefore, she have decided to enroll in the Illustration / Animation program. The first time she applied she did not get in, but after some effort, she got in the program with her second try. 🙂

Formal Analysis

This exhibition is full of great paintings and art pieces! Ms Sainz’s art pieces are really cute that it caught my eyes. 

Here are some of the pictures:




The shape of the pieces are a perfect square as they are frammed.

The colors of the art pieces that Ms.Sainz created are colorful..

The scale of the art pieces comes in variety of sizes, majority of them are small.

The texture of the art pieces are smooth, as they are all printed/ painted on the paper.

Content Analysis

Ms Sainz have always love to draw, plus the fact that she is always hanging around with art kids therefore it got her inspired. When she is a Junior in High School, she joined the Art club and became the president of the club! This pushes her to enroll in the painting and drawing major, but she realized that she do not like drawing observational stuff but rather, she loves drawing cartoony stuffs. Therefore she decided that she wanted to become a Caricature Artist!

On one of her piece, the professor asked her to be more careful and pay attention on the line work and line quality. This is what she came up with, a 15 minutes sketch. Ms Sainz mentioned that, a work done within 15 minutes might be better than the work done within 2 hours as the longer the artist focus on painting it, the higher the chance for it to go “overload”.

Also, the thing she draw defined and illustrates about her and her emotion, on one art piece, she created a drawing with coffee and tea. The drawing illustrate the passing of her beloved dog. Which seems sad and monotone. 😦

My Experience

Interviewing a Caricature Artist Ms Sainz is something that I have not done before. It is the kind of art pieces I have seen on often either on real of virtual life. When I saw her art, I was like “WOW! “.

With some explanation from ms Sainz i get to know that majority of her art pieces a first draw with her hand, and then color them with traditional watercolor, then edit them with photoshop digitally, and finally, print it.

She also mentioned that it is not cheap to create the art pieces, as sometimes the material would cost her $$$. For example, one of her colorful printing cost her $8 just to print it out, and that is consider as cheap as she size is small.

I was amazed about her art, even her name card, it looks soo cute !

I like this exhibition 😀



Wk15 – Classmate Conversation – Shannon McGuinness


I met Shannon McGuinness today in the Art gallery!

Shannon is a mix of both Irish and Mexican! She is currently a freshman here in CSULB, and her current major is Business Management. She have done some AP classes in High school therefore she will be graduating in 2 years! *That is fast.

The reason why she picked the Business Management major is because it is a broad major, which is suitable for her as she is still unsure of what to do in the future.

When i asked what is the difference between High School life and College life, she replied she do not feel any different. I supposed it is because she have already taken some college level classes back in High School, therefore it should feel around the same in in terms of academic difficulty.

She lived on campus housing, but at the same time she do go back home every week as it is just 15 minutes away. Comparing both living on campus and living at home, she prefer to lives at home with her family.

Things she likes to do in her free time are dancing, singing, watching Netflix and play video games.


Extra Credit – Art Experience Feedback

throughout all of the art experiences, the 3 favorite activities are:


I like photowalk as i actually wanted to be a photographer before, but i changed my mind and i don’t know why.I spend majority of my time on campus busy studying, commuting from 1 building to another but I never really have time to actually capture the beauty of the campus view, and this activity allows me to do so. 🙂

Moonbase alpha:

I like this activity as it is all out of our imagination, we do not have t consider anything realistic, we only have to use our imagination and creativity to make our story on moonbase alpha. I like writing when i was at a very young age and therefore i find this interesting. After all in college, we spend majority of our time writing reports, projects and essays. But we never have a chance to write a story based on our imagination, this activity allows me to do it.


I like this activity because of this meaning behind it, it is like a memory of the whole ART110 class in the Spring semester 2016. After this semester, whenever i look back at the #ART110s16 i will get to see majority of the post that we posted as a whole, which it kinda form as a memory for all of us, at that particular time, in that particular space, which is very special.

3 least favorite:

Art care package

The art care package activity was a little tough in terms of gathering things and mailing things. I have heard many of my classmates complaining that they never really receive anything, therefore, I think it kinda violates the actual meaning behind of the ACP project, as the person never mails it to another person.

Plaster casting

This activity was kinda fun overall but it is a little pain in the ass for the process. It is super windy at the beach the day when i went and therefore my hair is flying everywhere, when i get back in the car, my hair is FULL OF SANDS. The bucket that i used for this activity, too are no longer usable as some plaster is stucked at the bottom and we were not able to take it out. 😦

Group video activity

To a person that is a little camera shy, like me, this activity is a HUGE challenge! I feel so awkward when i am in front of the video and i have no idea what i am doing, without I myself knowing, my group’s video is already played in front of the whole class, and i feel really shy about it. But overall, it is really a great experience that i will never forget in my life. 🙂  Memories.

The feedback for the lass is interesting, i have never had a class like this before, when i enroll, i have no idea how would this class like, and now I know. I think this class is more fun and challenging compare to other classes as it breaks out from the norms. While we were suppose to stay in class, listen to lecture and take notes, this class have all of us research and discuss about artist in a group, have conversation with artist and classmates, is really extraordiary. Especially the classmate conversation, a lot of us end the semester without knowing anyone else in our class, and this helped us a lot, especially in this HUGE class.

I would say this is the BEST! Nothing can make this class batter as it is alreasy at it’s BEST! =)


Wk 14 – Art experience – Sketching in the Japanese Garden

This week’s a little bit more different compare to the other art experiences we have for the pass 13 weeks, as this time we are really doing some drawing!

I have sketched 3 presentation and 3 abstract.









For photos I have taken 6 of them which is all related to what I have drawn.










I have only been to the Japanese garden once since I came here as it is too far away from the Engineering Building. Today I was shocked to realized that there are ducks in the Japanese Garden, and looking at the way they move is so relaxing!

My sketching experience was not bad, first I have no idea how and what to sketch as I have never done it before, but after awhile I get used to it and just sketch whatever I see in front of me. I know the instruction says do not use eraser, I tried my best to control my urge to use it but in the end of the day the devil deep inside me had been summoned by the eraser and I end up using it anyway for correction. =(

This is my very first time sketching so I know I did not do a great job, but overall I am satisfied as my drawing did not turn out as bad as I taught it would be, with my 0 experience in drawing. =X

This art experience is one of a kind, I have always seen people sketching in the park and I wonder how would it be like I were to do the same, but meanwhile I am afraid of doing it in the public as my drawing is not good. This time, I was given a chance to do it, FINALLY! I realized that when you are drawing, it seems like the whole whole is only between you and the object you are drawing, you tend to not care much about other people that walk by, what they are talking about, as much as before, and this was a brand new experience for me! Overall, I like this art experience, the only down side is that the sun is too strong at noon for us to sketch under the sun. =X



Wk13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

This art experience is interesting as we are mailing our everyday item to one of our classmate. At the beginning i have some trouble finding things to put into the package, as i thought “will it be trash for the ones who receives it?” Then i came to realized that an art package is about my memories, or about myself as a whole, where i have been, what i have done, what i have received. Therefore, thinking about these criteria, i begin my searching.

I search through my room and i have found something that i have gotten from last semester or this semester that i am still keeping it, they are either from mail, shop or schools. It is basically about my memories as a whole in California.

It includes mini flyers from the engineering department with my EE class note exercises at the back, with some random drawing i made,  a tag of a sweater that i have bought recently, a sticker from the engineering department, a sport flyer from Long Beach Sports team in Fall 2015, and a nice  mailing stamps that i received from another Cal State’s flyers, and an expired sunscreen coupon that i have received from a beauty box i received once i arrived in the United States.

I am going to mail this is Martin. 🙂


  • The experience of creating your ACP:
  1. How is sending someone an ACP similar to sending someone a Snapchat?

In Snapchat, we are basically snaping random stuff around us, regardless of it’s “beauty”, it is more of like a temporary daily dairy for us, a temporary documentation. Just like an ACP, we are stuffing random things, like the flyers we have received, means we have been there, at the certain place, on a certain date to get those, we might or we might not get involved with it but it is still part of our memory, and these flyers that we received, sort of documented that moment that we have been there.

  1. How is sending someone an ACP different from sending them a Snapchat?

Sending someone a snapchat takes only seconds, but mailing n ACP takes DAYS. Also, sending a snapchat is FREE, and sending ACP cost us postage $$.

Apart from that, we are able to gather everything we could find and put it into the ACP package, it is a little bit more troublesome, and also requires more effort, but at the same time, more memories and more “moments” are begin transferred to someone else in the ACP package.

  1. What do you think of ephemera? Is it precious? Or trash? Does it gain in value over time? Does your grandma’s parking ticket from half a century ago mean something to you? What about her tickets fromWoodstock? What might your grandkids think if you one day gave them the bead bracelet you wore at Coachella?

From my point of view, it does gain value overtime, but the value differs from one another. If i have no idea who it belongs to, and i just see it on the floor, i might not even bother to look at it and continue my way. But if it is from someone i know / my family, it is definitely more precious, as it defines the memories and the moments of them, things that have been through. If I were to show my grandkids my Chochella ticket, they will be “Wow! my grandma was once a hyper young girl!”,  in stead of “My grandma is old and boring.” It might change how they view me or other elder people.

  1. Is there a difference between art that is seen by many people, like a painting in the Museum of Modern Art, and art that is seen by few, like the ACP you send to someone?

ACP contains a more specific aim, as you are sending it to a particular person, you know their gender, example, if you know he is a male, you do not send him a barbie doll or a pink ribbon as a gift. It is more specific more customize. While in Museum it is more general, more for everyone.

  1. You can take a Snapchat and a friend on the other side of the globe can view it, all within seconds. To make an ACP and send it even to a nearby friend will take days. Does this time and effort difference mean something? How is fast better? How is slow better?

Fast is better in a way, as everything moves fast these days, if you are slow, you are a loser. However in some way, slow is better. As it is more meaningful, it shows more emotions, requires more efforts.

  1. People sometimes say things like prepare a meal with love. Can you prepare a meal with love as fast as you can get food at a McDonald’s drive-thru? Does an ACP have the possibility of containing a sort of “love” different from a Snapchat?

Sending the ACP requires more efforts, to search, to gather, to mail. It is more precious in a way as efforts are applied. Someone that receives it will be happier to receive it in mail  as they know that someone actually take the effort to search, gather, mail it to him/her. Therefore it contains a certain amount of “love” in the ACP package. While in Snapchat everything happen so easily that people pay also a little or no effort to sending message to somone else, therefore i supposed that the amount of “love” sent from Snapchat is lesser.



Wk13 – Artist Conversation – Ihab A. Ali


Artist: Ihab A. Ali

Exhibition: Eye Witness
Media: Car, dry walls, black sheeting, ceramics, burlap,
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: Artist have no website
Instagram: ihabali

About the Artist

Mr. Ali was an undergraduate student at CSULB. He have graduated from California State University, Long Beach with an undergraduate degree in Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, Ceramics. He will walk on May 2016.

Mr. Ali was originally from Europe and he have been here in the United State for over 11 years. Growing up, Mr. Ali’s experience as a kid was different from the ones in the United State, He was born in Syria and is a half Syrian and a half Iraqi. The place where he was in, there are wars, there are dead bodies, there are people screaming for help. Due to the extraordinary experience he had, it inspired him to create the theme of this exhibition – Eye Witness.

Formal Analysis

This exhibition was extraordinary! Looks like a maze / walk through in a park!

I have no idea what it is until i enter, it was really dark therefore it is hard to take pictures and we will need to use our flash lights from our phones as we walk. There are couple of scenes that we saw while we walk and it actually shocking to us.

Here are the picturesimageimageimageI would say, the entire gallery is Mr. Ali’s art piece as a whole.

The colors of the art is mainly dark, either black, grey or white.

The scale of the art that is created by Mr. Ali, was HUGE! as it uses the entire Gallery.

Content Analysis

Mr. Ali is trying to recreate scenes that he have it in his memories, and the times where his parents have gone through from the past while they were still in Europe. He let his parents walk in his exhibition and his parents said: “Everything was so familiar.”

The main aim of this exhibition is to let his audience, to become an eye witness of the pain and struggles of the people from another side of the world. By entering the gallery, he wish to bring his audience to a whole new different world, a world where they have never thought exist.

My Experience

Mr. Ali’s art is special, this is the very first time I have ever seen something like this in my life. When i first enter the gallery, I have no idea what will happen or what is in there, due to it is dark, i am a little scare. But after walking through the “maze” and interview Mr. Ali. It gives me a whole new knowledge and perspectives. Mr. Ali told us that that is once he was acting as a hostage in an exhibition, the audience walked in and saw the scene, many were trying to save him but he could not escape. Why? Because in real life, there is no help, at all. This exhibition gives us an idea of how a country that interact frequently with war looks and sounds like.


Wk13 – Classmate conversation – Tiffany Tran


Today I met Tiffany Tran, I have seen here in class for quite some time but i haven’t got a chance to talk to her, and today I did! 😀

She is still a Freshman but she will be moving on to her Sophomore year very soon as she is in her late Freshman year. I asked her about what are the differences that she felt between college life and High School life. She replied, college is less stressful. At first I was shocked but later on i started to understand, college have less classes you have to take and also, the schedule is more flexible. In High School, involvement is like a MUST but in college basically no one cares. In stead of a 5 days classes, we can choose to have only 2 days,3 days, or 4 days a week! Majority of us take the Fridays OFF!  :DDD

Tiffany’s major is Psychology, because she have always like to talk to people, and understanding and helping them. It have always been in her, and therefore, instead of undecided, she enrolled in the Psychology major right away in her Freshman year. For her future plan, she wish to get into graduate school, and wish to get a PHD in Psychology! *Awesome

Just like majority of us, Tiffany is a “victim” of the commuter system, she has to commute 30 minutes in total every day for her 2 way trip to school.


During her free time, Tiffany likes to hang out with friends, and watch movies. Her favorite food is PIZZAA! :DDD